Wear-resistant components made from CVD diamond

The extraordinary mechanical and thermal properties of CVD diamond makes it an attractive material for various micromechanical applications. Fast bimetallic actors, wear resistant valves and pumps, AFM tips, X-ray lenses, MEMS switches and blades for microsurgery are only a few examples of the manifold opportunities. At Diamond Materials processing techniques such as precise laser ablation, anisotropic plasma etching, lithographic patterning, waferbonding, sensor integration, functional coatings and many more are available.

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  • Specifications and options:

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    0.5 - 180 mm


    Either free-standing diamond disks / membranes or diamond-on-silicon with high-purity diamond and perfectly smooth surfaces

    Plasma etching

    Deep etching with high aspect ratios. Plasma smoothening


    We are specialized in the preparation of CVD diamond with tailored properties including thin nano-crystalline films, conductive diamond or high-purity, sensor-grade material

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