Diamond X-Ray Transmission Targets

Tungsten coated CVD diamond windows brazed to a metallic support frame have proven to be very useful as transmitting, high-power X-ray anodes. By irradiating the tungsten layer with an high-energy electron beam a single point X-ray source is formed which is perfectly suited for the high-resolution inspection of small objects.

In this application, diamond plays two roles: on the one hand side it acts as an efficient heatspreader that rapidly dissipates the heat from the focus zone, on the other hand side it acts as an X-ray transparent window.

Thus objects under investigation can be positioned very close to the X-ray point source - ideal conditions for the X-ray inspection with high resolution and high magnification.

  • Specifications and options:

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    2-20 mm free aperture (typical: 4-10 mm)


    Diamond X-ray transmission targets brazed to custom-designed metallic support frames; compatibility with existing X-ray tubes


    100 – 300 µm


    CVD Diamond, "optical grade"


    Polished, surface roughness < 10 nm rms


    Circular or oval free aperture

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